Dr.S.N.S. Rajalakshmi College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore
Dr. SNS Rajalakshmi College of Arts and Science (Autonomous) has a vision from its inception that higher education can progress through creation of new knowledge, dissemination of the existing knowledge and extension of the gained knowledge to the society. With this in mind, the college continuously promotes an exciting research culture in the campus. The faculty members are continuously encouraged to carry out active research in the field of their specialisation and so can disseminate the updates to learners. The updates in the field will keep the inquiry based approach alive among both the teachers and the learners. The application of the gained knowledge for helping society is the real outcome/success of any research. Research and research reputation bestow peer recognition nationally and internationally. Faculty feels intellectually alive in an active research environment. The research policy of the college has been based on this vision.
  • The College will support infrastructural up-gradation in terms of equipments, softwares, hardwares, library (Books and Journals), and computational facilities for research.
  • The College will encourage faculty to take up active research by providing incentives for research publications and sanction leave if research work demands the use of research facilities and expertise outside the college.
  • The Management will provide grant / financial assistance and Seed Money for carrying out Minor research projects.
  • Research centres of the college will organise Research Colloquium every month.
  • Seminars, Conferences and Workshops and Hands-on-Training on the topic of research will be conducted regularly.
  • Faculty members involved in research will be encouraged and guided to participate and organize conferences, Workshops and Hands-on-Training to become a part of the community of scholars at national and international levels.
  • Access to research journals and e resources to be arranged by the Library of the College.
  • Faculty members encouraged to publish their results in referred reputed international journals approved by UGC, Scopus, Web of Science.
  • Research Coordinator / Dean will initiate and monitor all research needs of the faculty for research quality enhancement.
  • The Research centre will provide latest updates on conferences, workshops and Hands-on-Training, guidelines for writing research proposals, conferences at local, national, and International level and funding opportunities.