Dr.S.N.S. Rajalakshmi College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore
The Alumni Association of the College is a registered forum and it has a separate office in the campus. All the students who complete their programme of study in the institution will automatically be inducted as life-time member of the Alumni Association. The Association enables the old students to strengthen and cherish their academic relationship, share their expertise and competence in work place with the College and come together to share their experiences in life. The Alumni Association maintains a strong network formed by the various Deans/ HoDs and Alumni coordinators’ of the institution. The Alumni Day is celebrated on a Sunday in the month of February every year in the College Campus with the present group of students and create a network which will help them in their internship, projects and employment.

The college has a registered Alumni Association known as “Dr.SNS Rajalakshmi College of Arts and Science (Autonomous) Alumni Association”, which was originally registered in the year 2014 (Registration No.:104/2014, dated: 21.03.2014) and re-registered in 2017 (Registration No.: 345/2017 dated: 06/11/2017)

Envisions an active and vibrant alumni cell that recognises, promotes and celebrates the sense of belonging evinced by the alumni and thus provide opportunities for the alumni to relate to and take part in the growth and progress of the college.

To create an accurate data base of alumni and maintain it with continuous updation.To establish communication links with alumni through news letters, and interactive web page etc., to keep them informed of events in the college and for the alumni to share their view and experiences
  • To setup Alumni chapters in various cities, towns and overseas
  • To form a core committee comprising faculty members of our college to guide and take part in various activities of the alumni cell
  • To make the committee look into mobilizing funds from the alumni by way of annual subscriptions and eventually become self-reliant

Students who leave this institution in subsequent years of their study will automatically be inducted as life-time members.This association will enable the old students to strengthen and cherish their academic relationship with the college and come together to share their experiences in life.

Now, Connecting with our Alumni has been made easier with SNS Alumni Portal.
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